Spot the Bull S...cience, Powerhouse Museum, Aug 2016

Speed Meet A Scientist, Powerhouse Museum, Aug 2015 and 2016

Unsung Heroes of Science - Émilie du Châtalet,Powerhouse Museum, Jun 2016

Pint of ScienceBar Cleveland, May 2016

30th Australian Colloid and Surface Science Student ConferenceKiola Coastal Campus, Feb 2016

Research Bazaar, The University of Sydney, Feb 2016  

.astronomy 7 ConferenceSydney, Nov 2015

Higher Degree Research Bazaar, The University of Sydney, Nov 2015

Open Source Drug Discovery, AstraZeneca UK, Oct 2015

American Chemical Society Spring Meeting, Denver, USA, Mar 2015

NSW Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology Symposium, The University of SydneySept 2015

First Joint Nanjing University and Sydney University Colloquium, Nanjing, China, Mar 2015

The Sydney Conference, Macquarie University, Jul 2015

Swiss Chemical Society Fall Meeting, Lausanne, Switzerland, Sept 2011 

Inspiring Australia Talk, Ultimo Library, Jul 2015

American Chemical Society Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, Sept 2010