Dr Alice E Williamson is Lecturer in Chemical Education and Outreach at The University of Sydney. Originally from the North West of England, Alice completed her PhD at The University of Cambridge, where she worked with colleagues to develop two new chemical reactions. 

Alice moved to Australia to take up a position as the principal synthetic chemist for the Open Source Malaria (OSM) consortium. OSM have pioneered open source drug discovery and are trying to prove that science is better and more efficient when all data and results are shared. The team won’t patent any of their findings and publish all of their work online in real time so that anyone can access the research.

Alice's research interests include research enhanced laboratory teaching for high school students and undergraduates who have made new drugs designed to kill the malaria parasite as part of The Breaking Good Project.

In addition to her research, Alice specialises in science communication and outreach. In February 2015, she was named as one of ABC RN and UNSW’s ‘Top 5 Under 40’ in recognition of her passion for sharing science stories. Alice presents a weekly science slot on FBi Radio’s breakfast show and is the co-host of the ABC Science Podcast Dear Science.